Michael Foley Fund

This page provides information about the Michael Foley Fund

Having a child with leukemia can create some special financial problems. Fortunately, in Michael’s case, good health insurance has covered the enormous medical expenses associated with his treatment, at least up to now.

The largest problem is that a family that was generating two incomes has become a single income family . Amy has needed to be with Michael more or less constantly since he was first diagnosed in November; and it has not become clear yet when she might be able to return to work.

Basic expenses such as the mortgage, heating bills, etc. all continue to exist. Frequent hospital stays and visits and Michael's need for constant care and attention have also generated some new expenses such as parking, gas, tolls, meals out, frequent telephone calls, and accommodations near the hospital. When Amy can return to work, there may be extra child care costs for Michael, since, with a weakened immune system, he will not be able to be exposed to the germs and health risks associated with a group day care setting.

Many generous and caring friends, family members, and colleagues of both Amy and Jim have sent them money to help out in this family crisis. On March 23 the Maynard Rod and Gun Club is having a benefit event, described elsewhere on this web site.

What we are now adding to the picture is a special account at the Middlesex Bank in West Concord, designated the Michael Foley Fund. Checks made out to the Fund may be sent directly to this account. This will provide an orderly way for the family to keep track of donations and separate this money from their regular income. They will know who has contributed and can access the money as it is needed.

While you may still, if you choose, send money directly to the family, we would encourage you to send your donations to: Michael Foley Fund, c/o Middlesex Savings Bank , 1208 Main St., Concord, Mass., 01742. Or, any branch of the bank will also accept in-person donations.


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