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Reaching the Foleys ~ About the Hospital ~ Calling the Hospital ~ Visiting ~ Sending Cards and Gifts

Reaching the Foleys

During this phase in Michael's treatment, he will be in and out of the hospital and may be a little difficult to keep track of.

Typically, when Michael is in the hospital his Mom stays with him 24 hours, and his Dad and Brother are home in the evenings.

To "track them down" either

  • call the Foley home and leave a message, or
  • try calling the main hospital number to see if Michael is currently admitted and to get transferred to his room (see more information below).

We have decided not to put the Foleys' home phone number and address on this Web site. If you have a need for this information, please send and e-mail with your request.


About the Hospital

Michael is being treated at the New England Medical Center's Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts.

Floating Hospital for Children
New England Medical Center
750 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

The Floating Hospital has an excellent pediatric cancer center that is well equipped with the expertise, staff, and experience to treat Michael's illness.


Calling the Hospital

When to Call
Phone calls to the hospital are welcome from family and friends from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Calls can provide a welcome distraction and break for the family.

It may not be a good time to talk if

  • Michael is with a Nurse or Doctor
  • he isn't feeling well, or
  • he needs some attention.

If that's true, they will either not answer the phone, or they will let you know.

When Michael's white blood cell count is up, he could have a roommate who shares the phone.

When you call, its probably a good idea to check if its a good time, and offer to call back at another time if necessary.

Phone Number
Since plans and rooms can change quickly, we have found that it works best to

  • call the main number at 617-636-5000
  • press 2 for "a patient's room or condition", and
  • ask to be transferred to Michael Foley's room.

That way you won't have to worry about whether the direct number you have is still accurate.

Calling Intensive Care
When Michael is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) you will be told that Michael is in "PICU" but that he does not have a phone (although he does). We assume that this is to protect the patient's and parents' privacy. In this case ask to be connected to PICU, and then ask PICU to transfer you to the room if its appropriate at the time. When you reach Amy or Jim, they can give you the direct number for their phone.



Michael can have limited visitors when he is in the hospital.

Washing and Gowning
When Michael's white blood count is low he has no ability to fight off infections. He needs special protection from viruses and bacteria that could come in with visitors. When you get to his room, you must wash your hands and put on a gown, mask, and gloves in the area outside Michael's room before you enter his room.

Visiting Rules
In general the following rules apply to visiting

- Children cannot visit.
- Adults with signs of colds or illness cannot visit.
- People who live with someone with a cold or illness cannot visit.
- There should not be too many visitors at one time.

These rules may be relaxed a little when Michael's white blood cell count is higher and he is better able to fight infection.

Visiting Hours
Official hospital visiting hours are 2 to 8 each day, but these hours are not usually strictly enforced and earlier and later visits are fine. Its best to call and check before you come to be sure it is a good time and that there will not be too many visitors there at once.

Getting There
The hospital is located in downtown Boston, next to Chinatown and the Theater District and within walking distance of the Boston Common and Downtown Crossing. It is not difficult to get there from the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Click Here for Maps and Directions

The hospital has a parking garage at 274 Tremont Street, next to the Wang Center. Be sure to have your parking ticket stamped at the nurse's station on Michael's floor or at Patient Information on the ground level for significantly reduced rates. The cost with a stamped ticked is usually under $10 for a visit.

If there is an event at the Wang Center when you arrive, the garage will ask for a flat rate in advance. Simply tell the attendant that you are visiting someone at the hospital, and ask for a ticket instead. Otherwise, you will end up paying twice what you needed to.


Sending Cards and Gifts

Michael likes to receive cards and pictures. Cards and gifts can be sent to the Foleys' home, or, when Michael is in the hospital, directly to the hospital at:

Michael Foley (Patient)
Floating Hospital for Children
New England Medical Center
750 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

It is a good idea to include Michael's room number and unit. If you don't know this information, you can call the hospital at 617-636-5000 to get it.


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