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Michael has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), which is also known as acute
- myelogenous leukemia
- non-lymphoid leukemia
- myeloblastic leukemia
- granulocytic leukemia or
- myelocytic leukemia.

AML is a cancer of the blood that causes a rapid increase in white blood cell production. About 500 children are diagnosed with this disease each year in the United States.



Michael's treatment will involve several phases.

Michael has completed the first phase of chemotherapy, called "induction." This phase of intense treatment lasted 6 weeks. In this phase, all of Michael's white blood cells were killed, and the leukemia went into its first remission (no cancer cells could be found in his bone marrow.) This was a very difficult period, especially because Michael developed an infection which he had a very hard time fighting off because of the lack of white blood cells. Once the treatment was completed, Michael was given drugs to help him rapidly grow new, healthy white blood cells. He returned home on Christmas eve, weakened but feeling good.

Michael is now in the second phase of his treatment, called "intensification." This phase will involve frequent admissions to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments and follow-up. This treatment will most likely continue for one to two years.

Bone Marrow Transplant
If the cancer should reappear, then Michael's doctors will consider a bone marrow transplant. Hopefully Michael will continue to respond to the chemotherapy and a transplant will not be necessary.

Please visit the American Cancer Society for more information on common treatments for AML.


What is AML

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